Diabetes Basics

Insulin Pump Accessories

It is not easy to wear your insulin pump. But, it can be very tricky at times. Having the right pump accessory can help make carrying your pump much easier. Pump accessories help you deal with every situation imaginable. Now, perfect amount of insulin is necessary for your diabetes treatment. The American diabetes association approve most of the following accessories. To know more about diabetes, symptoms of diabetes, diabetes diets, diabetes care, visit their website. For further details on insulin pump accessories, read What You Don't Know About Diabeties?

There are various insulin pump accessories which help to deal with various situations. Some of the pump accessories are described below:

1) Back Buddy:- It is designed for toddlers and young children to wear on their back under or over their clothing so they cannot reach their pump. It is made of fun, soft cotton fabrics and has adjustable shoulder and chest straps. It is padded to protect the insulin pump and settings from getting damaged.

2) Garter:- Garter is a delicate and feminine light-weight insulin pump case made of a soft satin to provide a snug fit for your pump. The garter strap is provided to offer an extra support. The garter strap included is adjustable to offer extra support to keep the garter in a comfortable secure position.

3) Hook & Hide:- It is designed specifically to provide a snug secure fit for your pump. This feminine pump case, made of soft satin, quickly attaches to your bra strap with a small clasp for simple placement of your pump which helps in easy diabetes management.