Diabetes Basics

Insulin Sliding Scale-What’s the Whole Controversy About?

Insulin given as per the sliding scale method is a very controversial method to control blood glucose levels. Doctors have condemned this method for long. Most of the modern diabetes experts are of the opinion that it is an age old method to control blood glucose levels that has been buried long back and does not hold well in today’s context.

The basic reason that goes against the use of his method is that it does not manage but chase the blood glucose levels. The particular insulin dosage that’s given is not reactive but proactive in nature. Putting a person on sliding scale insulin is actually a frequently adopted method at the various hospitals and medical centers. Many experts argue that doctors adopt this method to reduce their own botheration. There are several other modern day methods available to control blood glucose levels.

The argument however does not point towards one particular method being better than the other. The level of control could also be well achieved by using basal insulin for short procedures or intravenous insulin for more prolonged procedures.   There is no particular evidence to mark this practice as a wrong one but the simple fact is that this practice does not make sense.

Also, sliding scale insulin method has been condemned on the grounds that it is an easier way which is generally opted for, by the doctors to avoid their own hassle. They do not need to be called for again and again while a patient is in the hospital, as the nurse would be given instructions to administer insulin as per the scale. It has been seen that despite its ease and high frequency of use, sliding scale insulin coverage leads to deterioration.