Diabetes Basics

National Diabetes Association is for a good cause!

The National Diabetes Association is a national-level non-profit body which acts as an agency to spread awareness related to diabetes and help people suffering from diabetes to live a better life. The ambit of these national diabetes associations may be different from country to country with different identities. For example, the people in the United Kingdom have Diabetes UK, the Indians have the National Diabetes Association of India and those in the U S. have the American Diabetes Association.

The American Diabetes Association is a leading nonprofit health organization in the USA. It is a leading 501(C) 3 nonprofit health organization which is free from income and property tax and can receive tax deductible charity donations.

This Diabetes Association in collaboration with a number of volunteers is running several awareness programs in order to create awareness among people relating to diabetes. The American Diabetes Association for example runs a number of programs like a dedicated contact center for solving various queries regarding diabetes and its treatment etc. Apart from this, the American Diabetes Association also runs the Community Campaign for Diabetes. This program includes creating awareness about diabetes, distribution of diabetes risk tests and collection of donations etc.

The American Diabetes Association can be contacted at 1-800-232-8580 in order to procure campaign material. You can start by simply setting up a website for creating diabetes awareness.

The American Diabetes Association facilitates a central meeting point for all health care practitioners working in the field of diabetes. The American Diabetes Association for example, provides books, clinical research journals and a lot of other study and reference material to health care personnel. The Association also provides educational facilities and organizes professional discussions and meet ups.

 The American Diabetes Association has an online store to help you find books relating to nutrition and cooking to books specially meant for diabetes treatment personnel. The association also sells assorted items ranging from ADA branded golf balls to pens, bags and towels and even wristbands. There is a special gift of hope catalog which contains bracelets, candles and holiday art containing works of art by or dedicated to people with diabetes. The money from sales of these items in this catalog goes to the funding diabetes related research.