Diabetes Care

Causes And Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes

It is glucose that lies at the bottom of the development of the prediabetes. So, to understand the cause of pre-diabetes we need to understand the mechanism of glucose, first. Glucose is of paramount importance to your health as it is the main source of energy for the cells that build up your muscles and tissues.

Glucose comes from two major sources: from your liver and from the food that you eat. It is absorbed into your bloodstream during digestion. Generally, glucose enters your body's cells with the help of insulin which is produced by the pancreas.

When you eat food, your pancreas secrete insulin into your bloodstream. As insulin circulates, it works like a key, unlocking microscopic doors that helps glucose enter your cells. This is how insulin lowers the amount of sugar in your bloodstream and prevents it from reaching unwanted or high levels. As your blood sugar level drops, the secretion of insulin from your pancreas starts dropping as well.

Your liver acts as a glucose storage and manufacturing center. When your insulin levels are low, your liver releases the stored glucose into your bloodstream to maintain your glucose level within a normal range.

When you are suffering from pre-diabetes, this process is thought to work improperly. A small amount of glucose builds up in your bloodstream, instead of being transported into your cells. This happens when your cells become resistant to the action of insulin. The exact reason why the cells become resistant to insulin's effects is not known, although overweight and fatty tissue seem to be the important factors.

More often, there are no signs and symptoms of prediabetes. But it's symptoms include the classic signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes like frequent urination and excessive thirst.

Here are some other signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes which may be visible in case of pre-diabetes as well:

1) Constant hunger
2) Unexplained weight loss
3) Weight gain
4) Flu-like symptoms including weakness and fatigue
5) Blurred vision
6) Slow healing of cuts or bruises
7) Tingling or loss of feeling in hands or feet
8) Recurring infections of your gums or skin
9) Recurring vaginal or bladder infections

So, these are the basic signs and symptoms of pre-diabetes with the help of the which it becomes very easy to diagnose the same.