Diabetes Care

Top Ten Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

If you are suffering from diabetes then foot care becomes extremely important. This is because diabetics are more susceptible to foot infections. Here are a few tips that will help diabetics take care of their feet on a day to day basis.

Inspect your feet

To know if you have any problem with your feet, you must check your feet in the first place. Check for any kind of redness, soreness, cuts, cracks, swelling or any other problem. If there is any problem, make sure that you report to your healthcare provider at the earliest.

Check for the shoe fit
Do not wear over tight shoes. Make sure that your shoes offer enough space for your toes to move. Wear clean socks before you put on your shoes. Also, check that there is no foreign matter such as dirt and gravel inside the shoes.

Clean in between toes
The skin between your toes is most likely to attract dirt. Make sure that you keep it clean by washing your feet at least twice a day.

Chop your nails
Longer nails attract dirt. Thus, it is wise that you cut your nails on a regular basis. Smoothen your nails with an emery board after you have cut them. If you have harder nails, cut them after you take a shower.

Avoid self treatment
If you have any kind of con, redness, swelling or any other problem with your feet then try not to self treat the same. Seek the help of a physician for the same.

Prevent cracking
Many a times, the heels of the feet tend to crack. You can easily avoid cracking by applying some foot care cream or petroleum jelly to your feet. However, make sure that you do not apply it between your toes. The medication in the crevices attracts moisture and can lead to infection.

Sit right
Crossing your legs when you sit down can limit the blood circulation. You must ensure that the blood keeps flowing to your feet. For this, make sure that you sit straight.

Ensure moderate temperature
During winters, people tend to bath with extremely hot water. This could burn your feet, thereby inviting more trouble and infection for your feet. The ideal temperature of your bath water should range between 85-90 F. Also, try to avoid using heating pads or hot water bottles.

Exercise regularly
There are several exercises that can help you maintain optimal health for your feet. You can ask your doctor about such exercises. Regular exercising helps improve blood circulation and maintains optimal health of your feet.

Consult a professional
Even if you are taking good care of your feet, it is always a good idea to have your feet examined by a professional at frequent intervals. Also, if you have any problems with your feet, make sure that you consult a health care professional at the earliest.