Diabetes Care

Free Insulin

Human insulin is a polypeptide hormone originating in the beta cells of the pancreas. Insulin helps to change the glucose in to energy for the body. It serves as a principal regulator for the storage and production of carbohydrates. Insulin in the body has to be kept in normal condition, neither more nor less. However, due to free insulin, the function of the body and diabetes management get impaired. You have to take diabetes test regularly and diabetes information for diabetes treatment. For further information, read Glucose And Insulin: The Diabetic Connection

Excess insulin secretion or free insulin is normally stimulated by increase in the amount of glucose in circulation. This leads to higher insulin levels and more rapid tissue-assimilation of glucose- followed by a decline in the insulin level as the glucose level subsides. In insulin and diabetes, this relationship is impaired. Insulin tends to circulate at inappropriately high levels in patients with insulin secretion causing hypoglycemia. As a result, you should suffer from diabetes hearing loss and other symptoms of diabetes. Diabetes medication has to administered quickly. For individuals who are significantly overweight, fasting insulin levels are typically somewhat higher than for adults of normal weight. They should watch over their weight so that they do not suffer from severe complications.