Diabetes Care

Coping With Borderline Diabetes

Borderline Diabetes has been lately termed as Type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance. It is a kind of pre-diabetic condition in which the individual actually becomes the victim of the disease. But, many physicians try to hide this from the patients so that they do not feel afraid of the disease.

They ensure that the person is at ease by explaining various treatments and after effects of the disease, thereby, preparing him for the consequences. It is, at this time they disclose the fact about the disease. It is very necessary for the individual to know he is suffering from a particular kind of disease called diabetes.

Now it is the responsibility of the doctor to update his patient about the various effects and aftereffects of the disease by providing him the necessary knowledge of the same. The doctor further suggests various tests to the patient to ensure the level of blood sugar present in the body.

The doctor also gives certain guidelines to the patients regarding their eating habits, how to plan out their meals, how much time gap should be given between the meals to maintain the level of blood sugar in the body.

Doctors recommend some of the precautionary measures for the victims of borderline diabetes. Some of them are as follows:

A way to healthy body is through exercise- regular exercise is recommended for the patients of borderline diabetes to control the level of blood sugar.

A person needs to follow strict dietary measures by consuming various food items in accordance with the level of blood sugar present in the parts of the body.

One must consult the doctor as and when required, as it is very necessary to find the latest details.

The consumption of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals is a must. One must take appropriate diet in diabetes. The health of an individual depends upon the quantity of food he intakes.

Borderline diabetes is a kind of beginning towards the disease and it can be avoided provided certain steps are taken at the right time. What one needs is appropriate control on oneself to avoid high calorie food and requires lot of determination to face it bravely. It is not any kind of horrendous disease that one should be scared of. The person needs to be little cautious to overcome the hurdles of this disease to lead a pleasurable life. But one must follow the above-mentioned guidelines laid by the experts to keep a track of the disease.