Diabetes Basics

Canine Diabetes: A Diabetic Patient And His Diabetic Dog!

I am not discussing about a real life situation-God forbid! The issue is only hypothetical. But that canine diabetes is on the rampage. And it is a reality!

There is no difference in the diabetes in human beings and dogs. You always brag that dog is such a faithful animal, your dog in particular. It is so faithful, just not to displease you, the revered master. It swallowed anything and everything that you gave it, and look what is the result now!

Re-examine the diet that you give to your pet. A dog health examination will give you the necessary information. Is it drinking excessive amount of water? Is there abrupt weight gain or weight loss? Is its urination more than frequent? Your dog has taken care of your property worth millions. It has provided a sense of security to you and members of your family, therefore do take it to a vet for a check up. An annual medical check up for your pet, is not a bad idea.

If the diagnose is positive, if it has canine diabetes, think that it is a manageable disease, and the steps that you need to take are well-defined. Get its insulin checked. Vets are experts in this. They draw some blood from the animal's body and the test is relatively simple. Your first duty is to get the glucose level to normal.

Insulin injections are given to the dogs in the same manner, as it is done in the case of a human being. Initially the job may be a but confusing, the dog may not co-operate, but over the days, it becomes routine. The dog as well might have health emergency. So, some members of the family should get training, but the main responsibility of the day to day treatment, should be left to one particular individual in the family.

Have a dog health sheet detailing the important points and hang it in a conspicuous place. The points mentioned therein could be: vet's emergency phone number, steps to follow in case of too much insulin, precautions to be taken if the needle breaks and the seizure problems.

The most important issue with canine diabetes is to maintain the glucose level. It is necessary to take the dog periodically to the vet for a block of 8 hours, for monitoring the glucose levels.

Alright, your daily routine is upset with this canine diabetes. Well, you have been a animal lover and this is the time, you repay the debt to the extent you can. It has served you faithfully-every bark of it was for the protection and security of you and the members of your family!