Diabetes Basics

Facts About Diabetes

Diabetes is the most common disease today where we have millions of people suffering from it all over the world. In America alone we are having as many as 16 million diabetic patients while Canada is having 2 million.

To explain the facts about diabetes we can broadly categorize it into three types.

The type 1 in which the pancreas cannot produce a necessary hormone called insulin which extracts sugar or glucose from the food and turns it into energy for the body to function. This deficiency to produce insulin is found among 10% of all diabetic patients which is mainly suffered by children who have this defect by birth and even adolescents.

The type 2 is suffered by 90% of the diabetic patients. In this, the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin as per the body’s requirements or in many cases it cannot use properly the insulin which is a kind of deficiency in the body tissues.

Type 3 known as the Gestational diabetes is a condition when a woman gets diabetic during pregnancy. Although this is a temporary condition, it has high risks as both mother and the child can develop diabetes and as per a study 3.5% of all pregnancies are suffered by Gestational diabetes.

Any form of above diabetes could lead to various complications such as heart stroke, kidney failure, nerve damage, impotency and even eyes could get damaged.

One fact about diabetes is that it is found among people who belong to particular descents such as Hispanic, Asian, south Asian and African. Those who are overweight, having high blood pressure, having cholesterol in large amount or having other fats in blood are some factors which make a person more prone to having diabetes.

It is a disease which is very much curable and requires both self care in the form of healthy diet plan and exercise and doctor’s guidance for medication. With these kinds of attention and precautions, a diabetic patient can have an average life expectancy.